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Light shadow


Technique: oil painting
Theme: abstraction, figural themes, lyrical abstraction
Measurements: 60cm x 90cm x 3cm
Year of origin: 2023
ArtNo.: CZ2403 0000 00003227
Posted: 22.03.2024 11:41:45
Piece description:

About the Shadow.

The ideal image of ourselves is a fiction. We create it ourselves, trying to look good in the eyes of others and in front of ourselves.

Our own Shadow is a reflection of our true personality. It appears at the moment of our character formation. It is everything we try to hide and protect. But at the same time, the Shadow is our unlimited resource.
We fight with our own self when we hide our shortcomings (and who should decide what we should be?).
This "battle with the Shadow" takes a lot of life force, energy, and energy. The question is: So why?

It is better to learn to use the Shadow.
Listening to yourself, understanding your true desires, and finally stopping fighting it will free up a huge resource for life and development.
Then we will really be able to control both our own feelings and thoughts and the events around us.
The shadow will become to our light, an inexhaustible source of energy and inspiration.

Painting "Light Shadow", 90 x 60 cm on canvas, oil, acrylic, texture paste.